april - september 2004


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2 april – 6 july

8 weeks in the lands of the Mursi, an ethnic group living in southern Ethiopia, along the banks of the river Omo. Between 2002 and November 2003 Don McCullin made three visits to this African country, drawn by its fame as a garden of Eden and by the fierce pride of its population. As well as making use of scarification and decorating their bodies with white pigments, the Mursi are also famous for their lip plates. Girls' lower lips are pierced and a pottery lip plate is inserted, gradually replaced by plates of increasing size. A journey inspired by anthropological and aesthetic interest using photography to discover the current way of life of a people forced to defend itself. Constantly under attack by other tribes, the Mursi shepherds use Kalashnikovs - significantly the only symbol of western culture present – to defend their herds, as well as to show their social status. Tribal murders and mini-wars in a tense aggressive climate contrasting with the splendid beauty of the surrounding environment. The result is a picture story that seems to draw upon the iconography of nineteenth-century travellers, catapulting it into the contradictions of the twenty-first century. Breathtaking landscapes, costumes, portraits and documents that this great London photographer will exhibit for the first time ever at the FotoGrafia festival. Curator: Marco Delogu Production: Zone Attive In collaboration with the British Council

Don McCullin
Born in London in 1935. Before finding solace taking stills of the Somerset countryside he spent the first thirty years of his career as a war photographer in the world's most troubled areas, reporting the horrors of conflict and refusing all aestheticization. In 1959 he joined “The Observer” and was made responsible for all photo reportages. In 1961 he left for Berlin to document the building of the wall. In 1964 he was in Cyprus to document the civil war and then in Vietnam; for his Cypriot work he was awarded in 1965 the first prize at the Amsterdam World Press Foundation. Later on he travelled to Nigeria (1968), Cambodia (1970), Pakistan (1971), Uganda (1972), the Middle East during the Kippur war (1973), Phnom Penh, Cambodia (1975) and following other major conflicts in the years to come.

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