april - september 2004


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2 april – 6 july

The photographs of Don McCullin contain the memories of fifty years of our planet's history: a planet devastated by wars and tragedies, scars in the mind of a photojournalist who has documented these atrocities with courage and dedication to truth. Not only does he describe his and our world but he has built up a body of work that is both document and warning, reportage and narrative. The desperate humanity of a victim, like that of a uniformed man, landscapes, peoples, places visited and experienced, turn this retrospective into a journey through contradiction and pain, as well as an extraordinary instrument interpreting the facts surrounding us. Curator: Alessandra Mauro Production: Zone Attive In collaboration with the British Council

Don McCullin
Born in London in 1935. Before finding solace taking stills of the Somerset countryside he spent the first thirty years of his career as a war photographer in the world's most troubled areas, reporting the horrors of conflict and refusing all aestheticization. In 1959 he joined “The Observer” and was made responsible for all photo reportages. In 1961 he left for Berlin to document the building of the wall. In 1964 he was in Cyprus to document the civil war and then in Vietnam; for his Cypriot work he was awarded in 1965 the first prize at the Amsterdam World Press Foundation. Later on he travelled to Nigeria (1968), Cambodia (1970), Pakistan (1971), Uganda (1972), the Middle East during the Kippur war (1973), Phnom Penh, Cambodia (1975) and following other major conflicts in the years to come.

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