april - september 2004


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27 april – 6 july

The Festival dedicates an extensive exhibition to the famous American artist Sally Mann, with these large-scale photographs created in the late nineties. These images reveal the artist's deep love for her native land, the American Southern States, a sparsely populated, rural area with lush vegetation. In her tea toned black and white photographs Sally Mann shows a very personal point of view on the landscape. She often does not choose spectacular motives or special details. But she has the gift of turning unspectacular areas into magical places. It is the atmospheric impact that makes her pictures so outstanding. They radiate a lyric and nostalgic mood expressing a strong sense of the beauty and the history of this land. Time seems to stand still in Sally Mann's landscapes. This impression is enhanced by her obvious care for craftsmanship. She uses a hundred years old large-format camera and prefers ancient and complex techniques, like a remembrance of the pioneers of landscape photography. Distortions, overexposures or scratchings created intentionally in the dark room emphasize the dreamlike atmosphere in her photographs.

Sally Mann
born in 1951 in Lexington, Virginia, where she lives and works today. The works by Sally Mann have been presented in numerous exhibitions mostly in the USA. They are part of important collections as for example those of the Museum of Modern Art and of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Sally Mann achieved great recognition towards the end of the eighties when the photographs she took of her family, especially of her three children attracted a lot of attention. She created several series of photographs full of intimacy and sensuality. Moving images of a childhood very much attached to nature, like the artist experienced her own childhood. Later, she turned her attention to pure landscape photography, equally joined to extensive series.

Istituto Nazionale per la Grafica - Palazzo della Calcografia
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via della Stamperia, 6 (Fontana di Trevi) Roma Italia
06 699801
OPEN: Tuesday-Sunday, 10 /19
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