april - september 2004


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100 SOLI
28 may - 1 august

The history and images of the atomic experiments in an extraordinary photographic collection. Between July 1945 and November 1962, the United States carried out 216 nuclear tests in the atmosphere and underwater. Following the signing of the Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty between the United States and the Soviet Union in 1963, nuclear experiments were transferred underground, becoming invisible but more frequent. 100 suns describes the epoch of nuclear tests in the atmosphere, with one hundred photos from the Los Alamos National Laboratory archives and the United States National Archives in Maryland. The title, 100 suns, refers to J. Robert Oppenheimer's reaction to the world's first nuclear explosion which took place in New Mexico. On that occasion, the scientist quoted a passage from the Bhagavad Gita, the classical text from the Vedas: "If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst into the sky at once that would mirror the Mighty One's splendour… I am become Death – World Destroyer". Curated by: Contrasto

Michael Light
Michael Light, photographer and artist, lives in San Francisco. His book “Full Moon” with images from the Nasa archives was presented at the exhibition for the thirtieth anniversary of the moon landing by Apollo 11, in July 1999. His works are on display in the Center of Creative Photography and the Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Michael Light is currently working on a project involving the aerial reconnaissance of the American West.

Auditorium "Arte" - Parco della Musica
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Via Pietro De Coubertin, 30 Roma Italia
06 80241281
OPEN: Monday-Sunday, 10 - 21
TICKETS: euro 1.00