april - september 2004


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5 april - 28 may

"10 years of freedom": exactly 10 years ago Nelson Mandela was elected president of South Africa, causing an upheaval provoking in its politics and in the lives of all its citizens, after having played a front-line role in defeating apartheid. To celebrate the event, the Festival is dedicating a special section to South Africa with a series of exhibitions bringing to Italy, for the first time ever, the work of ten of new South Africa's leading artists. These young photographers deal with the many topics arising from the modern world of globalisation and the culture of post-identity. Before 1994 these photographers were mainly engaged in documenting and reflecting on the injustices of apartheid politics and laws and helping to consolidate a strong tradition of documentary photography. With the end of apartheid, the documentary approach slipped into second place, making way for new exploratory paths along which the photographers travel in their search for a way of coming to terms with their past and defining their future. The images displayed reveal the self-analytical efforts of this new generation of photographers who use the portrait to explore their relation to history, the politics of representation and identity, the conflict between contemporary culture and traditional practices such as initiation rites, consumerism and how we relate to our bodies, sex and sensuality. Curator: Kathleen Grundlingh Production: Zone Attive With the collaboration of the South African Embassy in Italy (logo)+logo 10 anni With the patronage of Amnesty International

Adam Letch
Andreas Vlachakis
Andrew Tshabangu
Churchill Madikida
Berni Searle
George Hallet
Hentie Van der Merwe
Neo Ntsoma
Senzeni Marasela
Siphiwe Sibeko

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