april - september 2004


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25 april – 6 july

“His interpretation is a kind of symbolic manifestation of the sacred which reveals itself through the body and the shade, the dead and the alive, the collective and the private, the ancient and modern, the icy past and palpitating present, the symbol and the carnality, culture and nature, spirit and matter.” (Gerardo Mosquera). His efforts to find something more in photography than mere representation and to provoke a reflection on our history make Gerardo Suter a leader among Mexican artists committed to renewing the photographic image, subverting its sense of accuracy. Curator: Irma Arestizàbal Project realised in collaboration with IILA – Italo-Latin American Institute

Gerardo Suter
Gerardo Suter (1957) began his creative work in the field of photography in 1976. In recent years he has extended his artistic approach with a medley of different expressive means, such as video, sound and multimedia works, privileging as a field of action installations in both real and virtual space. The human body, the territory, memory and time are constant themes in his work. His projects of recent years include the installation "Zócalo", and "k_in_vitro" ,"CPC", "Atlas_H", as well as the "Toy Stories" series. He is currently working on the "Espacios intervenidos" project, a series of black and white images on different media.

IILA - Istituto Italo-Latino Americano
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Piazza Benedetto Cairoli, 3 Roma Italia
06 68492209
OPEN: Monday - Saturday, 11.00/19.00
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