april - september 2004


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4 july - 4 june

A series of photographs made at the ‘Sites of the Disappeared': the burial places of nine young people who were killed and ‘secretly buried' by the IRA in the 1970s and early 1980s which were finally revealed in 1999 as part of the ongoing Peace Process. Of key importance in this work is the unresolved nature of the search for their remains and the location of these sites in the South of Ireland. Largely devoid of human figures, the images bring the viewer on a multilayered journey through the shifting, unfixed nature of landscape and memory, presence and loss. Through his lens, the sites – woods, bogs, a seaside car park – become lieux de mémoire, places invested with personal and political meanings. The landscapes appear more like picnic spots than burial sites – a brook, a beach, green meadows, dusk skies. Elsewhere these traditions are subverted as a country lane reveals the terse chalked inscription ‘Bodies' an apparent clue which itself is subverted by its revelation as graffiti, a black joke, indicating the psychology and loyalties of the surrounding area. These are landscapes that have truly lost their innocence.

With Cultural Relations Committee Department of Arts, Sport and Tourism of Ireland

David Farrell
David Farrell was born in 1961, read chemistry at UCD graduating with a Ph. D in 1987. He worked as a freelance photographer from 1990 and is currently a part-time teacher of photography at Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design & Technology. From 1994 he worked with his partner Gudók, participating in several group and two-person shows. Innocent Landscapes is his first one-person exhibition. David Farrell won the prestigious European Publishers’ Award for Photography 2001 for this work.

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