april - september 2004


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15 april – 28 may

Overlooking Cagliari's Poetto beach and projecting into the poetically named Gulf of Angels is a small headland known as Sella del Diavolo, or Devil's Saddle. The name derives from an old legend telling of a dispute between Lucifer and Archangel Gabriel. On the very top of the headland, hollowed out of the limestone rock, are two enormous cisterns – one dating the Punic period, another to Roman times - formerly used for the collection and storage of rainwater. Growing on top of them is a “jungle” of agaves, with hundreds of plants in various stages of growth. The agave can live up to forty years, flowering once only: a flower stem soars up to a height of many metres before dying. This dramatic cycle takes place within a beautiful scenario with a light that changes during the space of a day and with the seasons, highlighting the outlines of the fleshy spiny leaves, their sharp tips and archaic profiles. Curated by: Giovanna Pennacchi and Diego Mormorio

Dino Ignani
Dino Ignani was born in Rome where he lives and works. His main solo exhibitions include: Ritratti di poeti (Portraits of poets), E in fondo a quest'oggi c'è ancora la notte (At the end of today it will be night again), Intimi Ritratti (Intimate portraits), Delle Nuvole (Of Clouds), Ritratti Arabi (Arab portraits), Nuvole (Clouds), Intimità (Intimacy), Ritratti (Portraits).

Galleria Acta International
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Via Panisperna, 83 Roma Italia
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OPEN: Monday-Friday, 16 - 19.30