april - september 2004


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23 april – 20 july

The exhibition presents three artists who all use photography and sculpture in their work. The idea is to create a dialogue between the different ways in which reality can take shape or be shaped, giving rise to ephemeral beauty. In the past Orozco has shown that he does not privilege any particular expressive medium, using sculpture, drawings, installations, videos and photography indiscriminately. His main interests are facets of reality like materiality, games, movement, time and space, which he identifies in the most common details of the urban landscape. Working with these elements he elevates them to the rank of objets d'art creating a language where things only assume their own meaning in the moment in which they are rediscovered. Wentworth, sculptor and photographer, strongly tied to London urban reality (he describes himself as an “urban explorer”), finds his inspiration in the residual traces of human intervention, the signs of disuse, the relics of industrial society, manipulating them, transforming them, associating miscellaneous objects until they acquire a new image. Although he rarely chooses human subjects, the uninhabited world in his photographs is strongly marked by a human presence. Wurm's work focuses on the relations between objects, on the corporeal dimension of reality, on the manipulation of volumes and shapes, on balances. Sculpture is only fixed and static in the moment before it subsides, that is when the force of gravity causes it to collapse. The only traces remaining are contained in photographs or videos. They live in the present of his series of photographs redefining the concept of sculpture, translating it into the dynamism of performance. Curator: Cristiana Perrella Production: Zone Attive with the collaboration of the Mexican Embassy, British School at Rome, Austrian Cultural Forum

Gabriel Orozco
Richard Wentworth
Erwin Wurm

Museo Hendrik Christian Andersen
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